Big blow for a Laker!


In addition to defeats, the news is always complicated for the Lakers outside the courts. We just had an update on the health of Kendrick Nunn, and it’s not getting better for the point guard. Too bad, because his contribution could do a lot of good with the level of Russell Westbrook.

With the Lakers still not doing better just before the deadline, questions arise about the team’s potential moves. Interest is there, but the assets are very limited for the Angelinos, and we should not expect a miracle from Rob Pelinka, even in the soap opera Russell Westbrook. Except surprise, the star will not be traded, especially given his contract.

Lakers infirmary not empty for a while!

A player who could help bridge all that? Kendrick Nunn, a guard capable of scoring, but also of distributing the game. He had shown interesting things in pre-season, before hurting his knee. A simple injury in appearance, except that his return has just been postponed.

Kendrick Nunn has been sidelined until March with a knee injury. He still hasn’t played a game for the Lakers this season.

A very difficult moment for the leader, who probably did not expect that when he learned of the diagnosis. A simple bruise on the knee, which in the majority of cases only takes a few weeks to heal. But the month of February is here and still nothing. In January, the person concerned had already expressed his frustration on Twitter.

Lake Show I promise you I want to be on the court to help my team. Be patient with me. This process is also very frustrating for me. I’ll be back as soon as I’m healthy! It will be worth the wait 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

For now, Kendrick Nunn won’t be back until March, at best. It is almost impossible to know when he will be on the court, since his return is constantly being postponed. Very cruel scenario for the Lakers, but especially the player.


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