between trashtalking lessons and defense lessons, it’s going to sweat at Lincoln University

It had been quite a while since we last heard from Dad. Certainly his son was talking about him when he arrived at the Warriors, but we wondered what Gary Payton had for project. We now have the answer: he decided to get into coaching.

The big mouth of Gary Payton will be able to prevail again near the basketball courts. We already want to warn all officials who will referee games at Lincoln University, their ears may whistle. Lincoln University, so it is there that GP decided to put down its suitcases to try the experience of coaching. according to The Undefeated. Payton has just signed a multi-year deal to take on the coaching job. However, he will not be disoriented since this university is based in Oakland, his hometown. And the peculiarity of this opportunity is that the basketball program is only in its infancy. Indeed, if we are to believe our source, Lincoln University is above all known for its business school. The sport ? He has not had his place so far but it is about to change and GP wants to participate in this project and take his future basketball team as high as possible. Sacred challenge, the kind of challenge that is particularly fond of Papa Payton, who will be able to set his own rules and his vision without having to succeed another coach. Translation: there will be a lot of trashtalking lessons to destabilize the opponent and we can expect a team that will defend hard while sending sweet words in the mouth of the team evolving opposite. More seriously, the fact that Lincoln University is based in Oakland obviously played in the choice of Gary, he who is very sad to see all these professional franchises representing his city move elsewhere.

“We lost the Raiders [la franchise NFL désormais basée à Las Vegas, ndlr.]. The Oakland A’s [franchise MLB, ndlr.] want to leave because they don’t get a new stadium. The Warriors are gone. So we need something to re-energize these people, these fans. « 

We can’t wait to see how Gary Payton will fare in his new role, even though we’ve already had a little glimpse of what it could be like. Do not forget that GP coached in the BIG3 League of Ice Cube, and he will be returning there this summer before starting his mission in Lincoln. Well, obviously, it’s difficult to compare the two situations, and we still advise Papa not to go too far in the trashtalking because the techniques may rain.

“This is what it will look like. I will recruit players who will work hard, who will fight. […] Our program will focus on defense, we will run from one side of the floor to the other, but we will be a disciplined team. « 

– Gary Payton

A team in his image, that’s what Gary Payton wants, recognized as one of the best pointers and away defenders in history. It’s up to him to recruit the kids he needs to form a competitive squad capable of titillating NCAA Premier Division teams. And for the record, know that Lincoln University could go play in the former Warriors training center in Oakland, with potentially even a game at Oracle Arena. Just that.

Text source: The Undefeated

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