Between shoot and creation, Saddiq Bey seeks the right balance

More discreet and less publicized than his teammate Cade Cunningham, or future rookies Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren, the winger Saddiq Bey nevertheless remains a key part of the reconstruction of the Pistons.

Chosen by Brooklyn in 19th position in the 2020 Draft, then sent to Michigan in stride, the former Villanova player has shown constant progress for two years.

Holder 53 times in 70 games during his rookie season, above all in a role of « spot-up » shooter, Saddiq Bey then locked his place in Dwane Casey’s five majors the following year, starting the 82 matches for his team, this time in a slightly more “free” role, since we have seen him wear leather more.

From now on, the Pistons winger is therefore looking for the right balance between these two configurations at the “training camp”, as the start of his third professional season approaches.

Progress at the service of an improved community

 » From the staff to the players, everyone can see that he is starting to find this balance. “Assured Isaiah Stewart this Friday.  » For example, today he distributed good passes. His progress compared to his first two years is notable. It’s nice to play with him, because he creates favorable situations. »

Saddiq Bey’s progress in playmaking seems to be a subject of general satisfaction, after these first few days of training. This time, it’s Cory Joseph who confirms.

 » He is more comfortable dribbling he reads the game more accurately. added the veteran point guard.  » We know that he can score, we also know that he will attract the attention of the defenses. He is making the game easier now, both for himself and for others. He plays really well. »

Another point, raised by his coach: with the arrivals in Detroit of Jaden Ivey and Bojan Bogdanovic, not to mention the expected rise in power of Cade Cunningham, it seems certain that the offensive contribution of Saddiq Bey will decrease this season.

Hence the importance, then, of seeking this good balance, between the points that he can naturally bring and the creation for others that he is currently developing, in order to maintain a significant volume of play in all circumstances.

 » He’s done a good job so far. Especially when he attacks the circle before coming out wide. This is what we expect this year. concluded Dwane Casey.

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