Between Ferrari and Mick Schumacher, it will be over at the end of the 2022 season

For a time, we imagined Ferrari rolling out the red carpet for him. Eventually, the adventure should stop before it even really started. According to, Mick Schumacher will be released from his Scuderia ties at the end of the current season. Which should also, by the way, also put an end to the German’s collaboration with the Haas team, since the Italian manufacturer, which provides significant technical support to the American structure, has an unofficial right of inspection. on its pilots.

Thus, Schumacher will be free to apply wherever he wishes, including at Alpine, where he is a credible replacement for Fernando Alonso. Other drop points, at AlphaTauri in the event of the surprise departure of Pierre Gasly, or even at Williams, are also possible. Champion of F3 then F2, the son of the Red Baron has not yet fully convinced in a season and a half among the elite. This season, he is regularly beaten by his teammate Kevin Magnussen.

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