Best football TV shows and movies to watch during the World Cup

The World Cup is in full swing and there has been an influx of football shows and movies being released, with the likes of Ted Lasso and Welcome to Wrexham stand out for their critical successes. Football fever grips the world as every nation awaits its next big match, but if you’re hoping to quench that thirst for more of the sport we love, then the following releases might be just what you’re looking for.

Ted Lasso

After 20 huge Emmy nominations for the first season, Ted Lasso won seven awards and followed with four more for the second season. Directed by Jason Sudeikis in the eponymous role, the series follows Ted Lasso, an American football manager, as he takes over the fictional English football team, Richmond AFC. After encountering a plethora of negative press and attention, Ted’s charm and wit eventually win out over his biggest cynics, and he becomes a much-loved leader of the team. While the main story is that of Richmond’s football journey, it’s the minor stories that give the series its heart. Addressing topics such as anxiety, grief, and betrayal, the Apple TV show isn’t just about football, and that’s what captured the hearts of so many viewers and critics. For an uplifting story of the dividends of being a good person, Ted Lasso should be at the top of the list.

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FIFA exposed

To coincide with the World Cup, Netflix released FIFA exposed, a four-part documentary about the various scandals surrounding football’s biggest governing body in the world, FIFA. There was no holding back from Netflix in this series, as they dive right into the biggest controversies and corruptions that have taken place at FIFA in the past. From embezzlement to corruption, the company has made many questionable moves, and Netflix leaves no stone unturned. FBI investigators and insider whistleblowers all give exclusive interviews in this series, and the results are pretty damning. The final part of the limited docuseries focuses on Qatar’s selection as host of the 2022 World Cup, discussing alleged bribes in exchange for neglecting the country’s human rights record. With millions of people around the world watching the World Cup, FIFA exposed is particularly relevant and is an extremely insightful look at the inner workings of the company.

For something a little lighter and kid-friendly, The Football Soccer Movie could be exactly what you are looking for. The Netflix animated film features global football icons like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Megan Rapinoe as fictional versions of themselves, while “Weird” Al Yankovic stars as the antagonist, a mad scientist who steals the skills of soccer stars. The film traces the journey of a group of young football fans as they vow to reclaim the powers of Yankovic’s scientist. The Football Soccer Movie is a great way to teach children to be humble and has a strong emphasis on the importance of hard work, and although child-friendly the film can certainly be enjoyed by the whole family and offers something a little less serious for a more relaxing time Watch.

Welcome to Wrexham

Welcome to Wrexham picks up the story of the underdog of Ted Lasso, and multiplies it by five, and this one is a true story. The 16-episode series follows Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in their efforts to take over Wrexham AFC, a small Welsh football team playing in the fifth division of the English league system. While the stars’ names command attention, the show’s real focus is the community surrounding the club. The players, staff and townspeople are all bonded by the team and that community spirit is evident throughout. Although there is a huge underlying theme of passion and togetherness, the show definitely emphasizes football games. Each episode of this first season shows highlights from Wrexham’s matches and follows their final campaign as they attempt to escape from the Fifth Division after 14 long and troubled years in the league. It’s a huge drop in class from the players seen at the World Cup to those seen at Wrexham, but the passion and support don’t skip a beat.

Save Our Team with David Beckham

Save Our Team with David Beckham is another on this list that follows a true story, but this time it takes us further into the football leagues than before. The star of the show is one of the most famous footballers in the world, David Beckham, and he takes us back to where his career began, the Westward Boys Under-14 team. They play their football in the Echo Premier League, one of hundreds of base leagues in the UK. This is where young players learn their craft and experience the intensity of competitive football. Beckham returns to the club as they face relegation from their current division and vows to turn the tide. Children are unsurprisingly blown away by her presence, and some are truly overwhelmed. save our team is both heartwarming and comical, but above all, it’s an uplifting spotlight on an often overlooked side of football. Without these grassroots leagues and teams, we wouldn’t have the multi-billion dollar industry we all know and love, and the show puts that thought at the forefront of our minds.

In 2000, Luis Figo made one of the most shocking transfers in sports history as he moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid, and the Netflix documentary, The Figo affair: the transfer that changed football, puts the man himself in the foreground and investigates the circumstances of the move. Figo was one of the best players in the world at the time, if not the best, as evidenced by his Ballon d’Or award, but he attracted a lot of negative attention after moving to Barcelona, ​​his former club’s biggest rivals. The documentary examines the factors that helped Figo make his decision and features interviews with many people involved in the transfer. Each interviewee gives their own account of what really happened, often presenting themselves at their best, and it is difficult to assess what really happened. There are stories of personal angst as well as inner conspiracies, and although the truth is never fully uncovered, the story is truly fascinating and worth watching.

All or nothing: Arsenal

There have been a few different versions of the Prime Video series All or nothing, and the Arsenal edition is one of the most fascinating. The series follows Arsenal in the English Premier League as they aim for a successful season in the Premier League. There’s a wide range of emotions in what turns out to be a veritable rollercoaster of a campaign for ‘The Gunners’, from the highs of a big win to the crushing lows of a shocking defeat. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta takes center stage on the show as we see his in-depth tactical analysis before and after games, as well as the passion he has for the team, as evidenced by his emotional team talks. The documentary is narrated throughout by an Arsenal fan and Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuyaand his reflections on the team’s performance lend an added dimension of sincerity.

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