Best Budget iPhone Plans for 2023

If you’re looking for a better deal on your mobile plan as the New Year approaches, checking out some of the latest prepaid options is a great idea. Below, we’ll look at the best cheap iPhone plans with valuable features like free trials, free activation, and no contracts starting at $10 a month without giving up good coverage.

There are perks to paying a premium for flagship US carrier plans, like having essentially unlimited data, priority speeds in congested areas, and extras like free entertainment services.

But if you’re looking to lower your carrier bill while maintaining reliable coverage, there are more choices than ever, especially prepaid plans backed by the strong networks of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

One of the convenient options is that some of the providers below offer free eSIM trials for iPhone. This indicates that you can instantly test their networks before committing to switching carriers.

Most of the carriers below sell new devices or allow you to bring your own iPhone or other smartphones, but be sure to check compatibility for your specific device.

The best cheap iPhone plans

T-Mobile Login

Cheap iPhone plans T-Mobile Connect

T-Mobile Connect offers some of the most affordable prepaid plans out there with its latest starting at just $10 and the best plan starting at $35 per month.

  • Works on the T-Mobile network, including 5G
  • Plans range from 1 to 12 GB for data for $10 to $35/month
  • Speeds are only limited after 50 GB of monthly data
  • No contract or credit inquiry

mint mobile

Cheap iPhone Plans Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers plans with 4G/5G data starting at $15/month. As of this writing, it is offering a 3 month free promotion when you purchase 3 months of service. Plus Mint offers instant eSIM activation.

  • Works on the T-Mobile network, including 5G
  • 4 to 15 GB of data plus unlimited data on 3, 6 or 12 month prepaid plans
    • Lowest price of $15/month available with as few as 2 lines
  • Limited speeds after 35GB of 5G/4G data on unlimited plans
  • 5 GB mobile hotspot on unlimited plans
  • Free SIM card or instant service activation with eSIM
  • Bring your existing phone or buy a new one
  • No contract and taxes + fees included

Consumer mobile

Cheap Consumer Cellular iPhone Plans

Consumer Cellular has built a reputation for strong customer service as well as good coverage using multiple carrier networks. It offers cheap iPhone plans starting at $20/month.

  • Works on AT&T and T-Mobile networks, including 5G
  • Plans from $20/month up to $55/month for unlimited
  • Limited speeds after 50 GB of monthly data
  • No contract
  • AARP members get a 5% discount


Cheap iPhone Plans Visible

Visible is owned by Verizon and operates on its nationwide network. One of the handy features here is a 15-day free eSIM trial for iPhone users (eg instant trial setup via the App Store).

And during the holidays, Visible makes an offer of 50% off for 3 months.

  • Works on the Verizon network, including 5G
  • Single-line unlimited plans at $30 or $45/month, taxes and fees included
  • 15-day free trial (with eSIM option for iPhone)
  • No activation fees or annual contract
  • Includes unlimited data, calls and texts (5G capped at 200 Mbps)
  • Includes unlimited hotspot at 5 Mbps speeds

Xfinity Mobile

1672257788 252 Best Budget iPhone Plans for 2023

If you have Xfinity Internet service, you are eligible for Xfinity Mobile. It works on the Verizon network and offers both and unlimited options starting at $15/month.

  • Works on Verizon’s network, including 5G
  • Xfinity internet service required
  • 1, 3 and 10 GB plans from $15/month, unlimited plans from $45 (or as low as $30 per line with 4 lines)
  • Switch plans anytime with the Xfinity Mobile app
  • Limited speeds after 20 GB of data usage
  • Hotspot included (600 Kbps on unlimited plans, 4G LTE for à la carte plans)

American mobile

1672257788 47 Best Budget iPhone Plans for 2023

US Mobile works on the Verizon and T-Mobile networks and makes it easy to test its service with instant eSIM activation and risk-free 14-day trials.

  • Works on the Verizon and T-Mobile network, including 5G
  • Instant eSIM activation
  • 2GB plan from $12/month, 5GB for $15, 12GB for just $20
    • Unlimited from $35/month for 1 line, $20/month per device with 4 lines
    • Or create a custom plan
  • Free entertainment/streaming service bonus for unlimited plans


Cheap iPhone plans Ting mobile

Ting — owned by Dish Network — works on both T-Mobile and Verizon towers with cheap iPhone plans starting at $15/month.

  • Works on T-Mobile and Verizon’s network, including 5G
  • Plans range from $15 to $45/month
  • Access point included
  • No data overage charges
  • Add an additional GB of data for $5 as needed
  • Unused data is transferred

Wireless Cricket

1672257788 461 Best budget iPhone plans for 2023

Cricket was purchased by AT&T in 2014 and offers plans starting at $30/month.

  • Works on the AT&T network, including 5G
  • Plans from $30 to $60/month for the best unlimited plan
    • Price as low as $25/per line with 4 lines
  • No limitation on the higher unlimited plan
  • 15 GB hotspot with the best unlimited plan
  • Discounts as you add more lines
  • No annual contract and monthly taxes included in the price

Roundup of the Best Cheap iPhone Plans

Whether you’re looking for a cheap iPhone plan with minimal data or still want unlimited data without paying as much as you do now, the 8 prepaid options above should cover just about everyone.

Besides eSIM trials and carrier coverage maps, you can check out the independent Opensignal app to better compare carrier coverage.

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