Besancon. Are you looking for a sport? See you Wednesday at the Léo-Grange stadium!

Labeled « Terre de Jeu », the city of Besançon maintains the desire to maintain the sporting flame of its inhabitants, young and old, young and old, with a view to the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. But not only… Formerly the city sports in France in the ranking of the newspaper L’Équipe, Besançon is perhaps no longer the capital of sport, far from it, but sport remains essential there. In any case, this is the message that the sports teams of the City, behind Abdel Ghezali, 1er deputy and Christian Morel, president of the WHO hammered while the epidemic had flattened most of the associative and sporting life, maintaining a regular direct link with the clubs of the city. And that they have maintained since…

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Already organized last year, the « Find your sport » operation is taking a tour of the track this Wednesday, June 29th. On the synthetic one of the athletics stadium where around fifty clubs will have a stand. Enough to demonstrate the wealth of sports in Besançon, from the more widespread activities to those, a little more confidential, while offering on a tray to parents, in search of an activity for their future champions or for themselves, the interlocutors suitable, as Nathalie Porral, from the sports department, explained: “It is more interesting to set up this meeting before the summer holidays, the clubs are already in the re-registration phase…”

The (clubs) honored champions

Practical aids will obviously be taken into account. Whether they are those financed by the city of Besançon with the Tickets sports – « whose family quotient has been raised to allow a greater number of people to benefit from them » – or those financed by the State and the Department, through the Pass’ Sport.

Each club that wishes can also provide demonstrations throughout the afternoon. Finally, two initiatives will animate this afternoon. A competition “where ten lucky winners will receive assistance for their registration in the club of their choice worth €100”. Finally, the opportunity will be taken advantage of by Anne Vignot, Mayor of Besançon, at 5 p.m., to honor the sports clubs that have won accession and the champions crowned in their specialty. And there are many of them this season, « which is no coincidence », as Christian Morel pointed out, « Besançon is a land of sport and when everyone gets involved, communities, educators, leaders and clubs, the good results are never far away. Long live sport!

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