Bertrand Godin savors his induction into the Hall of Fame

June 2, 2022

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Bertrand Godin savors his induction into the Hall of Fame

By: Maxime Prévost Durand

Bertrand Godin had « a dream weekend » in Toronto when he was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame. True to form, the Maskoutain took advantage of the spotlights shone on him to make others shine: those who supported him throughout his career.

« I was especially eager to pay tribute to those who helped me make this career, » he said in a telephone interview with LE COURRIER on Monday, when he was already falling back into his daily life. emergency driving instructor at the National Police School of Quebec.

“We watch the athletes a lot, but we are not alone. There are a lot of people who advised me, who took steps so that I could have sponsors and who guided me. »

These people, he took the trouble to list them one by one in his speech, delivered in both French and English. Even if he had prepared his speech, to make sure to respect the time allotted to him, Bertrand Godin admits to having been crossed by a wave of emotions during this moment that he never thought he would live.

« In 1978, when Gilles Villeneuve won the Grand Prix du Canada and he inspired me, I never thought I would be here, in the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame. [un jour] “, he entrusted to the microphone.

« Every time I look at this trophy, I’m going to be reminded of the importance of believing in your dreams, persevering and enjoying every moment, » he concluded upon being inducted.

Surrounded by other motorsport enthusiasts like him, Bertrand Godin took the opportunity to greet various people he admires, including photographer Allan de la Plante. “I was looking forward to meeting him. All the photo books that I looked at when I was younger on Gilles Villeneuve, it was he who made them, ”he said on the phone.

This Hall of Fame induction gala, which included the 2020 and 2021 vintages, was first to take place in February during the Toronto Auto Show. Due to the wave of COVID-19 at the time, the gala had been postponed to the end of May.

Active for more than 30 years on the motor racing scene, Bertrand Godin has had a career full of hardships, but also of success. His most significant victory was when he won the Canadian Grand Prix, on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, in Formula Atlantic in 1997. He was also twice French vice-champion in Formula Ford. His passion had led him to return behind the wheel of a single-seater in Formula 1600 in 2018, then to compete in a full season in 2019. He had also won the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières two years in a row.

A career far from over

Even if he is now immortalized among the greatest of Canadian motorsport, Bertrand Godin is not done with his racing career, he assured.

 » The following? It’s to continue preparing for my next races and my next challenges,” he replied when asked about his future.

He does not rule out the possibility of getting back behind the wheel for a full season if an opportunity presents itself to him and the stars align. He even hinted that it could be done in the United States or Europe if the occasion is right, although nothing has been made official yet. He plans to at the very least do sporadic runs if he doesn’t get a full-time drive.

« I still have good years and I want to take advantage of them, » he continued. Every day I train at the National Police Academy Training Complex before I work. I’m in probably better physical shape than when I was racing professionally. »

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