Berrichonne Football stalls for its first match against Paris 13 Atletico

Mathieu Chabert had warned his players: facing a promoted club is not a guarantee of victory. Even less to start the National season. It happened this Friday for the opening match. La Berrichonne Football could not beat Paris 13 Atletico, which is nevertheless discovering the third division for the first time in its history.

Thomas Robinet’s penalty stopped

It’s not for lack of trying. The Castelroussins have obtained many chances without ever managing to concretize them. A cruel lack of offensive realism that brings back bad memories of last season. The deliverance could have come from a goal by Thomas Robinet. But the top scorer castelroussin last year (18 goals) failed to score from the penalty spot. His attempt was stopped by the opposing goalkeeper.

So here is a frustrating draw to start this season. The players returned to the locker room under the whistles of part of the public. That does not mean that Châteauroux will miss the rise in Ligue 2, there are 33 league days left. But these are already two points left along the way.

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