Benzema, the truth about his Lamborghini crash

Accused in 2009 of having caused an accident at the wheel of a Lamborghini, Karim Benzema saw the real culprit to denounce…

Karim Benzema love speed. And not just on the field. The French international is indeed a great lover of fine mechanics. And this from a very young age. At 22, the striker of real Madrid had also been at the heart of a big controversy.

At the end of 2009, the former Lyonnais had indeed been accused of having had an accident in Reunion at the wheel of a Lamborghini while he was staying on the island with Rhoff. Twelve years later, the rapper wanted to restore the truth.

We ran away like cowards

“They were trying to find out who the pilot was. I sway today: it was me, he confided to the microphone of Guillaume Pley’s web show. We had rented cars. We teased each other, we raced. I spun out and we hit a sidewalk. The tire said Salam to us. We fled like cowards. In the morning we wake up and we see in the press “Who was driving the car?” It’s gone up everywhere this case. »

Guest of honor on the show turbo on the occasion of his 35th birthday, the Madrid striker spoke about his relationship to speed. The top scorer in the history of French football explained that he was not « a crazy driver » and prefer driving  » calm « . He was nevertheless very comfortable when testing a McLarenn 765LT, offering a top speed of more than 270 km / h, a good distance from the 330 km / h that the McLaren can reach.

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