Benzema Ballon d’or 2021, how much would it earn?

November 16, 2021 at 8:45 PM by Thomas

Benzema Premium Golden Ball
If Karim Benzema wins the Golden Ball, he will get a bonus from Real Madrid.

Verdict this November 29, on the occasion of a dedicated gala evening. Who will be the 2021 Golden Ball? Still a little suspense, between the leaks. But Karim Benzema claims it, legitimately, this season. And the French, if he does not win it, should not be far at the final verdict. In addition to the immeasurable pleasure of being named the best footballer on the planet, the title would earn the Real Madrid striker a financial bonus.

Karim Benzema among the favorites of the 2021 Golden Ball

The media Defensa Central mentioned it last spring, following the extension of Karim Benzema’s contract with Real Madrid, until 2023. If the French international wins the 2021 Golden Ball, a first individual title in his rich sports career, he will first receive the trophy offered by the organization. It is not nothing, it is covered with gold, weighs a dozen kilos and is worth more than 13,000 euros.

A bonus from Real Madrid and probably Adidas

In addition, Karim Benzema will receive a bonus from his club, up to 2 million euros, according to information from the Spanish media. And probably again, a bonus from its supplier Adidas, because it will give the brand good visibility. Its amount is not known here.

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