Bentleys, Aston Martins and Porsches abandoned in a barn

A British YouTuber visited a barn in which several dozen exceptional cars were stored: Bentley, Aston, Porsche.

Here is a news barn visit to start the year off right! It’s never very pleasant to see circulate on the internet photos or videos of abandoned vehicles, forgotten in barns or fields.

But the lovers of beautiful cars that we are could not remain insensitive to these models which, for many, disappeared from our roads for several decades.

This barn, located at UK, thus contains several vehicles – British, but not only – including some who no longer run the streets.

Into the Wild

In video uploaded to YouTube, the IMSTOKZE explorer sets out to discover several vehicles, abandoned in the middle of the forest. Some outdoors and some indoors old barns.

As soon as it arrives, the specimens residing in the grass announce the color as to the exclusivity of this collection. These are old Porsche 924, Austin-Healy Sprite and others MG B.

But the real nuggets are actually hiding a few meters away, between four walls and old tin roofs ready to collapse…

God save the Queen

Taratata! Inside, dozens of pre- and post-war models duel with the elements. carcasses of Porsche 356 and 911 appear, drowned in darkness and dust alongside old Jaguar XK and MK2, Triumph and of Aston Martin.

During their visit, these urban explorers will even come across a very old and desirable Bentley, a model that would probably tear itself away at gold price today… So many historic and prestigious cars, condemned today to tread more dust than bitumen, and promised a more than uncertain future…

Discover this treasure hunt in pictures right here:

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