Benitez still hopes for reinforcements

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Rafael Benitez, Everton manager, hopes to be able to recruit again by the end of the 2022 winter transfer window. It will be a question of opportunity.

In a pre-match press conference against Norwich in the Premier League, Rafael Benitez was asked about the second part of the winter transfer window. After having already recruited three players, the Everton manager is still hoping for reinforcements: “We always hope to strengthen the team, we will try to do our best for us. The reality is that we are balancing the books and that will be positive for the future. We will be open to options. It’s good that we brought three players and we have to make sure that the competition allows us to win games. We are open-minded and if we can bring someone else who can help the team, we are happy to do so. » he said reports BBC Football.

If a player wants to leave…

Rafael Benitez also mentioned the departure of Lucas Digne: “The reality is that if you have a player who is considering leaving and you have an offer, the main thing for me as a coach is to think about my responsibilities to make the best decisions for the team, the club and the future. We bought some young players who are good and hungry. I’m sure they will be good now and even better in the future. In the end, it’s positive for the club when you sell a 29-year-old next year and bring in a 22-year-old and in different positions that we had to balance. » he added.

To love is also to share:

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