Bengals – Ravens (41-21): Easy like Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals (9-6) – Baltimore Ravens (8-7): 41-21

Life continues to be complicated for the Ravens in the absence of Lamar Jackson. In addition, his replacement Tyler Huntley is also on the floor, on the COVID list. It is therefore Josh Johnson, the eternal globetrotter, who took the reins of the attack on Baltimore. The result ? A heavy defeat on the lawn of a division rival, the Bengals. If Johnson (28/40, 304 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) rather fulfilled his contract, the defense found itself in great difficulty. The fault of a Joe Burrow (37/46, 525 yards, 4 TD) unplayable.

The young Cincinnati quarterback has mastered his subject, relying as usual on his trio Higgins-Chase-Boyd. 194 yards and 2 touchdowns for the first, 125 yards for the second and 85 yards and a touchdown for the third. Statistics which prove once again that these three targets can invite themselves to the table of the best receiving corps in the league. The running game was less prominent, but Joe Mixon (65 yards and 1 TD on the run, 70 yards and 1 TD on reception) was effective, including a touchdown on the ground on the 4th attempt.

Cincinnati martyrs the defense of the Ravens

An overall performance of the attack, which can be summed up by one statistic: a single drive from the Bengals did not end with a chance to score points, the last. Only one other did not end with points scored: the penultimate, with a 50-yard field goal missed by Evan McPherson. Evidence of the inability of the Baltimore defense to stop a burning squad.

The Ravens’ attack has shown scraps of efficiency, but too little to be worrying. Josh Johnson showed a few good things, but too little to really pose a threat throughout the game. Ground play was totally ineffective (39 yards, 2.4 yards per attempt). Only Mark Andrews (125 yards, 1 TD) seems really level, but this is insufficient.

This victory makes a real difference in the race for the playoffs. Both teams had the same record before this game, but the Bengals are now the only leaders in AFC North, the most uncertain division with a few weeks to go to the end of the regular season. For his part, Joe Burrow had the best game of his young career tonight, proving that he is more than certainly the quarterback of the future for Cincinnati. The Ravens, on the other hand, are anxiously awaiting the return of star pitcher Lamar Jackson, as the competition is dangerously close.

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