Benedetto is already closing a door for next season

Author of a disappointing season, Dario Benedetto could leave Olympique de Marseille this summer. The arrival of Milik in winter, who chained the goals, could push the Argentinian towards the exit. While his name circulates, in different clubs, a track would seem to be closed for the former striker of Boca Juniors.

Recently, Argentinian media claimed that Dario Benedetto could make his return to Argentina at Boca Junior. Olympique de Marseille would have even discussed with the club to recover in exchange winger Cristian Pavon, loaned to MLS this season. Information denied by the Spanish media, specializing in the Elche club, Dariofranjiverde. A team which has as shareholder, the man who runs the management agency of Benedetto, Christian Bragarnik, enough to fuel speculation. According to the Hispanics, the 31-year-old striker should not return to his homeland, and would favor a European club.

His entourage also denies a return to Boca Juniors

Contacted by journalist German Garcia Grova, the entourage of the striker under contract with Olympique de Marseille had also refuted this information. He should not return to Boca and Cristian Pavon may not sign for OM in exchange.

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“OM and Dario Benedetto’s entourage refute the information indicating a possible exchange with Boca Junior involving Cristian Pavon and Dario Benedetto.  » Germán García Grova – Source: Twitter (05/27/21)

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