Ben Simmons takes his troubles patiently

Ben Simmons’ return to the field is not for now. While it’s been almost a month since the Australian joined Brooklyn, his new GM, Sean Marks, gave news of his situation while specifying that no return schedule was yet available at this stage.

“Unfortunately a stiff back delayed his return to the field with his teammates. He has been rehabilitating for the past ten days, and he will improve further this week with individual training sessions. Hopefully by the end of next week he’ll be more comfortable in the team, and then we can really step up and start getting him ready for games. »said Sean Marks.

Patty Mills to speed up her integration

While waiting to finally find the floors, Ben Simmons can count on an ally of choice to perfect his integration with Patty Mills, another “Boomer” who arrived at the Nets during the offseason.

The point guard assures that Ben Simmons is working hard to be efficient when he is on his feet.

 » We talk a lot. We talk a lot about the group, the video, the exercises. So he’s there for all of those things, and he stays for all of the training. Then he does his part with his shooting coach, his physiotherapist and all that ensues. But when it comes to all the activities of the team, he is present all the time”explained Patty Mills on the sidelines of the trip from the Nets to Boston.

On the bench of the Nets to accelerate his acclimatization

As such, his presence in training but also in matches on the bench are all ways to accelerate his acclimatization. The return of Steve Nash to the bench after having had to be removed due to the Covid protocol will also help him in this regard.

« Of course he’s working hard, not just rehabilitating his back, but also finding ways to improve in the situation he’s in right now. I think the most important thing is to give him advice and perspective during games, to see how he could easily slip into a game situation, where he can fit in and find his place. The game periods were really crucial, to have him on the bench and just listen to his point of view.underlined his new teammate.

For Patty Mills, the presence of a Ben Simmons, even still in development, individually or in relation to the knowledge of his new teammates, will be a plus for the Nets.

“He will be a threat no matter what. Whether he has the ball in hand or without the ball as a screener. He poses such a threat that he will attract a lot of attention. So in terms of his basketball IQ, the way he can pass the ball or have it in his hand, it will make us better at the very least. »he added. « Of course, he’s more threatening in fast play when he has players, especially shooters, around him. But like I said, at the very least, Ben Simmons will make this team a whole lot better. I can not wait to see it « .

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