Ben Simmons dismantled by a former Sixers teammate!

Ben Simmons is highly anticipated in Brooklyn, where his association with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could wreak havoc in the title race. But the Australian leader is also eagerly awaited in Philadelphia for very different reasons. His former teammates do not forget it, and let it be known…

Ben Simmons had everything to become a legend of the Sixers, or at least to remain in the hearts of the fans… He was selected with the first choice of the 2016 Draft, a special status which necessarily creates a bond with the public, and his style of play corresponds perfectly to the expectations of a city like Philadelphia. He is a tenacious, intense defender, capable of some spectacular actions in attack, an enticing recipe on paper.

The problem is that the Australian leader’s mental feverishness quickly got in the way of eternal recognition. While his duet with Joel Embiid was talented enough to at least reach the Finals, he never knew how to raise his level of play in hot moments, thus collecting disappointments, such as in his last game with the Sixers, a Game 7 loss against the Hawks in 2021 .

Tyrese Maxey sends a subtle tackle to Ben Simmons

Following this humiliation, for which he was blamed, Ben Simmons decided never to play in front of this demanding public again, to never wear this jersey again, which makes him public enemy #1 in Pennsylvania. Just see thereception given to him last season when receiving the Nets to understand it. And his former teammates don’t have a good memory of it either, the proof with this tackle from Tyrese Maxey on Yahoo! Sports:

It’s really nice now to be surrounded by players who really want to win and who are concerned about improving and progressing. It is for this reason that James Harden immediately joined the collective last season. And now we have players like PJ Tucker, Danuel House… It’s going to be amazing to play with them I can’t wait.

If we believe this subtle statement, the group would be more united than ever since the arrival of James Harden, all the players in the workforce would be motivated and demanding, which implies that this was not the case. before… Ben Simmons will appreciate the message, he who is spending a very studious summer in Brooklyn, where he will have things to prove. In any case in Philadelphia, Tyrese Maxey has already replaced him in the hearts of fans, and quite easily.

The rivalry between Ben Simmons to the Sixers and the fans until the end of his career may well go down in league legend. He will be keen to prove that he was not the problem in the franchise, and his former teammates will show him that they are doing better without him…

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