Ben Simmons breaks down and empties his bag on Shaquille O’Neal!

At the bottom of the hole during his last months with the Sixers, Ben Simmons lived through a very difficult period in Pennsylvania. His debut with the Nets is far from a dream, as criticism continues to pour in for the Aussie. The latter has just come out of silence to give his version of the facts, and he has decided in particular to attack Shaquille O’Neal.

The last time that Ben Simmons appeared on a basketball court, it was during a playoff loss against the Hawks, when he was still a Sixers player. A period that seems very distant, since the player has chained the galleys since this meeting, with incredible pressure from the media and supporters, who have overwhelmed the Australian. The latter found himself trapped in a negative spiral and « mental disorders » according to official explanations.

From there, and knowing that his own teammates had begun to criticize him, it was difficult for Simmons to return to Philly. He was finally able to rebound at the Nets, where things got out of hand in the last playoffs with a noticeable absence against the Celtics in the first round. The former member of the Sixers was however announced on the return, but a last minute injury came to thwart his plans. What to remember today, after months of cutting himself off from the world, Simmons should indeed be present for the start of the Nets.

Ben Simmons strikes back after months of silence

Good news for the New York franchise, because Ben remains a talented player, with above-average creativity and the ability to defend against all possible players. A welcome reinforcement for Brooklyn, even if we are waiting to see how the fans will react to his big return to the courts. Coming out of his silence for the first time in months, Simmons opened up about his issues on a recent show.

Everyone goes through such periods. Money doesn’t matter, no matter how famous you are, everyone can know that. It’s kind of ignorant for guys like Shaq and Chuck (Barkley), especially considering what they said. They obviously have a platform in which they can protect players and everything. Of course they can criticize us too, we are basketball players after all. But when we touch on the personal thing, there is a notion of respect that must be present. I even reached out to Shaq with all these stories, to set things straight.

While Simmons certainly didn’t expect to receive positive reviews following his performances, he never imagined that someone like Shaquille O’Neal, who comes from the same university (LSU), would be the first to be laughed at. him for his personal problems. A line has been crossed for the Nets player, who settles his accounts:

I sent him a private message saying: “you speak when you don’t even know the story? While he often repeats “Yeah, we are brothers from LSU, you are my brother”, and all that. If you really are, you should have contacted me when I’ve had to deal with all this for months. He never contacted me to say something like, “Hey, are you okay? What is happening ? »

Touched by Shaquille O’Neal’s criticism, Ben Simmons finally decides to respond. The recovery is approaching for the player, who will no longer be able to hide from the media and the fans, which means that the period is ideal to give his version of the facts. Let’s hope that everyone moves on, and that the Australian makes his talent speak on the floor.

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