Belgium coach looks back on anger after France defeat

Often mocked, did the Belgians digest the defeat against France in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup. Not really from what we can read from the long interview with Roberto Martinez in Eleven Sport. The Belgian coach returned to this defeat and the reactions it triggered in his team.

« We offered this match to the Bleux, regretted Martinez. We felt that we had not been beaten by an opponent but that we had lost this meeting ourselves. It’s true that we felt anger« .

Martinez also lamented the failure at the Euro and the loss to Italy in the quarter-finals. « You should know that our preparation for Euro 2020 was very good. It was even even better than the one for the 2018 World Cup! The disappointment of being eliminated was all the greater. Besides, I had a lot of trouble accepting our defeat against Italy. This generation didn’t deserve to lose a game like this.« 

The golden generation of Belgium, carried by Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois among others, has still not won a single title. But Martinez is convinced that Belgium is a football country with a big reservoir of talent. « I also think that Belgium will remain in the top 5 of the FIFA ranking for the next 15 years.« .

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