Belfort. A Belfortain invents a shower manager to reduce its water consumption

Each year, the Lépine competition in Paris brings together inventors from all over France. A Belfortain, Habib Henni, went to the capital to showcase his invention: a shower manager. A system that is still unique and which he intends to offer use in campsites or sports halls, for example.

60 l of water per person

The idea came to her when she saw her household water bills. “With 4 teenagers at home, we consumed a lot of water, especially since they weren’t very careful about their consumption during the shower,” recalls Habib Henni, the inventor of this shower manager. “To solve the problem, I decided to ration the water used for each shower. So I found a system that distributes the quantities fairly among everyone, ”explains the inventor. The results are immediate. With 60 l of water per shower per person, Habib Henni has reduced his water bill by 30%.

A bracelet to identify yourself

This shower manager works in two parts. The first with a screen located at the level of the knob which calculates the number of liters already consumed. A second part is located on the computer with software that allows you to adjust the quantities and monitor consumption. « The manager works with a bracelet which, when passed in front of the screen in the shower, lets you know how many liters you are allowed », explains Habib Henni. And for those who fear to end up with shampoo full of hair and the quantity of water used, the inventor has foreseen the blow: « A sound signal is programmed when the person approaches the end of his quota ».

A project for sports halls and camping

For Habib, creating this manager was pretty straightforward. Indeed, he is an engineer at UTBM and holds a DUT in electrical engineering. He also filed the patent for his invention a year and a half ago. If, at the base, he created this « just for the family », he now wants to offer his creation to sports halls or campsites for example. “One can very well imagine the sports halls including in their subscription this system to limit the water consumption of their members after their workout. If they exceed, the sports halls could charge them the extra package, ”imagines the inventor. “For the moment, I am looking for investors and partners,” says Habib Henni. No one doubts that with his participation in the Lépine competition, he should take a step back and find people to support him in this project.

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