Being a student and eating well: the right formula

Justin Merle, 19-year-old chiropractic student, better known by the nickname

A fridge says a lot about its owner. But that of Brahim (who wished to remain anonymous), 20, a computer science student in Bordeaux, does not have much to declare. There’s butter, eggs, frozen pancakes (in the ice cube tray), and that’s it. To these basic ingredients are added pasta and bread. The student tinkers with this ammunition comforting dishes but a little greasy that he devours between two revisions on his desk rid of his textbooks. “Eating well is not a priority, he acknowledges. I’ll see it when I can afford it! »

The start of the new school year sounds the death knell of a balanced and regular diet for many students. A 2018 survey of 18,875 young French people enrolled in university by the Observatory of Student Life indicated that almost half of them (48%) skipped meals, mainly for lack of time, want to cook or shop. Other obstacles are added: limited spaces for cooking, few utensils, limited budgets…

The ingredients for Justin Merle's recipe of the day: oatmeal and banana pancakes.

However, enthusiastic young gourmets are now offering tips on how to take control of their stomachs. Justin Merle is one of them. This 19-year-old chiropractic student is better known under the handle “justunfrenchie” on Instagram, where he has more than 110,000 followers with his recipes that put gluttony back at the heart of bento. We imagined that the influencer had a huge work plan to prepare his little dishes…

After climbing the seven floors (no elevator) of his Parisian building, we find ourselves in a 12 square meter room, including a kitchen reduced to the minimum. “I don’t have many tools: just a small microwave and an electric hobhe points out. But you just need to know how to use one or two accessories to enjoy yourself: I use my blender for smoothies, soups, sauces, or even to prepare a quiche. And I manage to make bread or cakes with my steam cooker! »

Justin Merle started posting his recipes online as much to inspire his peers as to conquer his demons. “I was anorexic and, to regain control of my diet, I threw myself into the kitchen, he confides. Today, the young people who follow me open up a lot, talk to me about their own nutritional problems, their lack of motivation to cook when they leave their parents, I try to boost them at my level. »

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