behind the scenes of the organization of the internship in Spain

Why ?

As part of their preparation program – constrained by a totally unprecedented winter break due to the World Cup in Qatar – Matthieu Udol and his partners will head to Spain where they will stay from December 11 to 17.

A long-planned course. For almost a year, Kévin Lejeune is, in fact, on the spot. « As soon as the calendar came out and it involved such a long break, the former staff wanted us to be able to organize this course », explains the Metz Team Manager. “In Metz, the winter period is not necessarily the most favorable for football, even if today we have very good pitches in Frescaty. But a change of scenery is also a good idea and in Spain, we will benefit from mild weather. »

As a result, the former Metz midfielder flew to Spain last February. “I went there for two days to visit several sites. »

Where ?

“Spain, Portugal or Turkey are used to…

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