Before the Finals, the cash declaration of Jimmy Butler who will make Jayson Tatum rage!


After having faced each other three times in the conference finals over the last 4 years, we can almost speak of a rivalry between Jimmy Butler and Jayson Tatum. The recent declaration of the Miami winger also sounds like a big tackle in the direction of the Boston superstar!

It didn’t take long, but the Heat did make it to the Finals. However, everything had to be redone after leading 3-0 in the series against the Celtics, since the latter fought back and returned to equality by forcing a Game 7 under high tension. But in the end, it is Erik Spoelstra’s men who will represent the Eastern Conference against Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets.

A performance all the more remarkable that Jimmy Butler, franchise player of Florida, ended the confrontation with some physical glitches including a pesky ankle injury. not enough to make a big deal out of it, however, according to the winger, who is known to be tough on evil. On the contrary, he would have even refused to use that as an excuse in the event of a defeat against Boston:

Butler cash on his state of health after the series against the Celtics

Jimmy Butler after being asked if his ankle is 100%: “No one cares. I’m always expected to do my job at a high level if I’m on the pitch, which I will. Everything will be alright. We will do the job, damaged ankle or not”.

For once, difficult not to see a tackle on the sly against Jayson Tatum. Because the C’s star also finished the series on the kneecaps after twisting her ankle in Game 7. But if the two men were therefore diminished, Buckets answered him present unlike his opponent… Without much surprise , the Bostonian’s detractors did not hesitate to use it to shoot him.

Words that Tatum will never utter.

Meanwhile, Tatum whined at a press conference about his ankle lol

An ankle problem? That’s not going to slow down Jimmy Butler, who’s willing to sacrifice his body for the Heat to finish on the league throne this season. We wonder how Jayson Tatum reacted after this statement, but we can assume that he did not like it at all!


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