Beauvais denounces monkey cries in Waziers

The Waziers team received AS Beauvais Oise this Sunday in a poster of the 7th round of the Coupe de France, a week after the final interruption of the game due to a serious injury to a player from Beauvais. Replayed this Sunday, the meeting was interrupted this time several minutes after cries of monkey, according to the Beauvais club.

AS Beauvais Oise qualified this Sunday for the 8th round of the Coupe de France, but the meeting was marked by cries of monkey, launched by local supporters of the Waziers team, according to the Beauvaisian club. The North club, playing in R2, finally lost (3-1), but the game was interrupted for several minutes in the second half.

This 7th round match of the Coupe de France took place in a tense context. Last Sunday, the game ended definitively at half-time due to a serious injury to midfielder Eduardo Rodrigo. The ASBO player had been seriously injured in the neck and helicoptered by the SAMU to the Lille hospital. An opponent had tackled him hard in the back and was sent off in stride.

« No confusion possible, to vomit », denounces the Beauvais club

If the ASBO led 1-0 at the break last Sunday, the FFF had decided to replay the match a week later on the lawn of the Regional 2 club. Rodrigo’s teammates had written an open letter to express their « anger » and their « incomprehension » in front of the decisions taken. Despite everything, the workforce had announced its willingness to respect this choice and to honor Eduardo Rodrigo on the pitch. « It is not a simple injury, it is a tragic event which will remain in our heads. We would have liked to be listened to before making a too hasty decision », regretted despite everything the locker room of the ASBO.

A week after the fact, the game was interrupted for the first time at the hour mark for repeated lasers in the eyes of the ASBO players. « After the firecrackers, the laser in the eyes … cries of monkeys descend from the platform of Waziers, denounced this time this Sunday the Beauvais club on its social networks. No possible confusion. Shameful, awful, scandalous. To vomit. Where is the spirit of the Coupe de France there, FFF? « .

The referee stopped the game in the 70th minute, with monkey screams heard from home fans, according to the ASBO club. After five minutes of stoppage, the game was finally able to resume as Beauvais led 2-0. At the final whistle, the National 2 team dedicated its qualification to Eduardo Rodrigo, who is still under observation at the hospital.

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