Bears: Andy Dalton is the holder | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)


While the Bears picked Justin Fields in the first round of the 2021 draft, it looks like Andy Dalton is the starter for the 2021 season (or at least the start). In an interview with NFL Media, coach Matt Nagy left no room for doubt.

“Andy is the incumbent. He will be in the first team (at training camp). « 

While Justin Fields seems a rather ready prospect for the NFL, Nagy therefore seems to favor a cautious approach. But he understands the impatience of the fans.

“I know timing is the biggest issue for Justin right now, and I fully understand that, because there is excitement. There is this desire for all of us to see what Justin can do. We would be lying to you if we didn’t say this or believe it. But we have to make sure we’re doing what’s best for the Bears and for Justin. « 

An open door therefore for the quarterback of Ohio State, who should be able to claim ainstead of the holder quickly.


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