Batttles scans ASSE and Moulin, Rami snubbed the MLS, hard knocks in Bordeaux and Strasbourg

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Batlles still follows ASSE

Laurent Batlles gave a long interview to the Saint-Etienne site, Poteaux Carrés, in which he analyzes the progress of young people from ASSE that he has had under his orders with the Greens. “I am still Saint-Étienne,” he confessed. I follow the players still at the club but also the old ones like Kenny, Vagner and Makhtar for example. Jessy grew up! He came to bring his experience, his maturity, his legitimacy to the locker room. That’s what he does, it’s going very well. It is true that he has not played yet. But he is close to young players, he sets an example. That’s why we brought him in. Our four guards get along very well. « 

Rami turned down Los Angeles for Troyes

Back in Ligue 1 after a detour at Boavista Porto, Adil Rami is thriving at ESTAC but he could have signed in MLS this summer! “I was in Saint-Tropez to talk and, in my head, I was going to play in Los Angeles,” he explains to the Parisian. Everything was in place and I have lots of contacts there. Then I received three offers from L1 clubs. And Ligue 1 has really become a great brand. My children, who are 5 years old, are starting to take an interest in football and talk to me a lot about Mbappé, for example! There I started to think. I really liked the speech by President de Troyes and Laurent Batlles. I then thought back to the United States where the Covid prevented a lot of things. I realized that in France, we like my atypical and natural side. And I went for it. « 

Koscielny very uncertain in Metz

Laurent Koscielny is very uncertain for the match against FC Metz (Sunday, 3 p.m.). According to L’Équipe, the central defender of the Girondins de Bordeaux did not train this week due to a muscle alert detected at the end of last week. Vladimir Petkovic will undoubtedly say about it at a press conference.

Weber back at the Stade de Reims

Anthony Weber is back at the Stade de Reims … as assistant coach of the U13! “I don’t have a contract at the Stade de Reims. Let’s say that I’m on a trial basis to see if I like the coaching profession, ”he said in DNA. Things are going well, I hope to be able to prepare the BEF but for that we have to train a team of 11. We will see if later Reims agrees to give me one. « 

Serial hard knocks in Strasbourg

Julien Stéphan is facing a shower of injuries before the match against Stade de Reims (Sunday 3 p.m.). Last minute package during the trip to Nantes (2-2), Maxime Le Marchand could miss the meeting at Meinau and must « be content to trot, » said his coach to DNA. Jean-Eudes Aholou is already forfeited. Ludovic Ajorque and Anthony Caci are suspended, the two players will serve their suspension match.

to summarize

If “Goal! Football Club ”deals first of all with the news of certain elite teams, we have decided to give you a summary of what happened today in the other part – less media – of the League 1.

Bastien Aubert

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