Basketball. Nicolas Pavageau, the “battery” that La Roche VBC needed. Sport

The players of La Roche VBC have had a (very) good start to the season. It is the fruit of their labor, of course. That of the coaches, too, but especially that of an entire staff. Among the people in the shadows, there is the physical trainer: Nicolas Pavageau (45 years old).

The professor of physical education and sports (EPS) at the college of Poiré-sur-Vie is well known in Vendée because the ex-athlete of AC La Roche has won many races (10 km, trails, etc.). Since 2016, he has been working as a physical trainer at Vendée Poiré football.

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Initially, he said no to join the team

How then did he find himself « doubling » his function?  » Guillaume (Jourdain, friend and physiotherapist at La Roche VBC) whispered my name to Manu (Body). He contacted me in June. I told him no he reveals. I did not see how I could manage everything between my family life, my job and this double activity (to smile). « 

“Guillaume insisted, smiles the Yonnais coach. He told her he would take her a session. And it did! «  Emmanuel Body did a nice job because his protected immediately joined the project. « From the first session, the girls loved it », slips their coach. Since then, enthusiasm has not abated.

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At each of his sessions, he « connects » the group

« Despite the fatigue of the players, he always managed to connect the group, at each of his sessions », prolongs Body. This connection is explained by the exchanges between the players and the staff with the physical trainer.

“Sometimes there are differences in feelings between everyone. Usually when we’re tired we don’t say anything, Ana Suarez points out. With the questionnaire set up by Nico, it gives him feedback on what we are experiencing, what we are feeling. It’s easier. « 

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« I propose, I do not have the truth »

Thus, each player notes her fatigue, her sleep, her pain, according to an intensity scale. Then, Nicolas Pavageau adapts the sessions (duration, intensity, loads) according to the group’s feedback. “At the start of the week, for example, the intensity was stronger than expected, he points out. I used the recovery they got last week to work well. « 

Thursday, on the other hand, the physical trainer submitted the idea to the trainer to breathe life into the group. « Little by little, I bring my ideas, he slips. But be careful, I suggest, I don’t have the truth. The final decision is always up to Manu. «  An attitude that pleases the coach: “Nicolas is gaining confidence in the project, that’s a good thing. « 

Both have programmed the next “month” as best they can, which begins tonight and will run until December 22 with the return leg of the EuroCup playoffs. On the program: nine games (against 10 at the start of the season) including four trips (two less than in the first part). Will the record always be as good? Meet at the foot of the Christmas tree …

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