Basketball – NBA – Golden State: Wiggins could miss the start of the season because of the vaccine


Posted on September 24, 2021 at 8:15 a.m. – updated on September 24, 2021 at 8:16 a.m.

Romain Fiore

With San Francisco law requiring athletes to be vaccinated if they wish to enter city halls, Golden State player Andrew Wiggins could well miss the start of the season at home for his team.

Andrew Wiggins might not play a single home game this season for the Warriors. This is in any case what the Canadian winger risks if he does not get vaccinated before the start of the regular season, on October 22 for the first home game against the Clippers. Because as the law indicates, in each city and each state everyone is free to apply the health measures they want, and the NBA has not opposed this decision and therefore respects the constraints imposed by each city. For example, in New York or San Francisco, NBA players who will not be vaccinated will not be allowed to enter the halls or the training center, unless they obtain a « medical or religious exception ».« . It’s the San Francisco Chronicle who revealed the info, claiming that the number 1 of the 2014 draft is obviously not yet vaccinated and that he did not want to do so unless he is forced. But given that the players’ union opposes the obligation to vaccinate against Covid-19, the NBA cannot impose anything.

A religious dispensation as a solution?

The only solution for the number 22 of the Warriors is therefore to obtain a “religious” dispensation, and it is the municipality of San Francisco which will decide the fate of Andrew Wiggins.  » We are actively addressing the issue of religious exemption requests from immunizations in many industries and will be working with our business and entertainment department on the next steps ”the San Francisco Department of Public Health said in a statement. A necessary exemption so that the player can play the games with his franchise at home and avoid a loss of salary of $ 360,000. In the evening, Tea Athletic revealed that 90% of NBA players are fully vaccinated.


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