Basketball – NBA – Golden State and Stephen Curry punish Brooklyn in his NBA lair

The Shock of the Night, at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, turned to the benefit of visitors. The Golden State Warriors, carried by their superstar Stephen Curry, author of 37 points, outclassed (117-99) the Nets of Kevin Durant (19 points). “MVP! MVP! «  Songs celebrated the exit of the parquet floor of Stephen Curry, after a new capital performance on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Only, the Golden State superstar point guard was not in his cocoon of the Chase Center, in San Francisco, but outside, in Brooklyn, where he carried his Warriors to a clear and flawless success (117-99) , in one of the most anticipated posters of the start of the season. read also The results of the night 37 points, 12 of 19 shooting, 9 of 14 with 3 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 small balls lost in 29 minutes: this is the gargantuan statistical line of the double MVP (2015, 2016) and triple NBA champion, while his family held their former teammate, Kevin Durant – titled with Golden State in 2017 and 2018 -, who nevertheless hovers over this start of the NBA season (top scorer at 28.9 points per match, just ahead … Curry, 28.7) at 19 units, his smallest mark of the current year, with a poor 6/19 on shoots.

The other leader of the Nets, James Harden, recorded 24 points (6/13), but he who had distributed more than 10 assists in his last three outings, was limited to 4 « assists ». A remarkable success that allows the Warriors to bounce back from their loss to Charlotte (102-106) and to consolidate their domination over the rest of the NBA, with 12 wins for only 2 losses, still waiting for the return of a play mistress, Klay Thompson. Brooklyn slips to 3rd place in the Eastern Conference (10-5), behind Washington (10-3) and Chicago (10-4). read also Rankings Draymond Green muzzles Kevin Durant After a first quarter removed and balanced, the game turned in favor of the visitors back from the locker room (35-18 in the third period). On this sequence, Kevin Durant missed his eight shooting attempts, symbolizing the bad evening of his family – deprived of Joe Harris – in the address (38.6% including a poor 10/36 at 3 pts). His distanced team (76-98), the Nets winger has not returned to the game. Warriors side, Andrew Wiggins (19 points, 7/11) and Draymond Green (11 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, but above all also a stifling defense on Durant) also stood out. « It’s not yet the play-offs, but there is already this particular intensity, which means that you have to raise your level if you want to hope to beat a team like this, Stephen Curry hissed at the exit. I love this atmosphere, this challenge, you feed on it, when there is so much talent on the floor. «  2,908 The number of 3-pointers converted to career by Stephen Curry after his nine successes Tuesday night in Brooklyn. Closer and closer to the all-time record (2973) held by Ray Allen. Golden State continues its « road trip » in Cleveland Thursday evening. Among Cavaliers who, before welcoming the untenable Warriors, will spend the next night in … Brooklyn.

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