Basketball – NBA – End of season for Collin Sexton of the Cavs

Operated for a tear in a meniscus in the left knee, the Cleveland player, Collin Sexton sees his season ended prematurely. Bad news for Collin Sexton. Injured for almost two weeks, the back of the Cavaliers will be deprived of competition until next season, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. The Cleveland player was operated on for his torn meniscus in his left knee. After only eleven games played, he was seriously affected against the New York Knicks (126-109) on November 8.

read also Calendar and results of the NBA The top scorer of the Cavs aged 22, will surely be replaced by Isaac Okoro or Ricky Rubio at the back position for Cleveland, already struggling in the standings after three consecutive defeats. It is an injury that falls very badly for Collin Sexton, who will find himself free agent next summer, then who will barely recover from his heavy operation.

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