Basketball: John Wall, this NBA star who wanted to fade


BasketballJohn Wall, this NBA star who wanted to erase himself

A multitude of issues drove John Wall to contemplate suicide. The American basketball player affirmed it during an interview, and encourages to seek help to avoid the worst.

John Wall has been kept away from the prosecution on and off since 2017.

John Wall has been kept away from the prosecution on and off since 2017.

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Hell. John Wall had almost three more than complicated years before returning to the highest level. Tearing of the Achilles tendon, death of his mother and then of his grandmother a year later. All in the middle of a pandemic: there is enough to crack up any human.

The basketball player is no exception, he who spoke of « the darkest period of (his) life » during an interview on the sidelines of an event organized by the Salvation Army. « At one point, I thought about killing myself, » he said. We all go through hard things, no one has it easy, but I don’t think many people could have gone through what I went through. »

Fortunately, he held on. If he has decided to talk about it, it is because the leader would like asking for help to no longer be a taboo. He found a therapist, and encourages all people who are suffering to think about surrounding themselves to overcome the hardships. He thanked the fans, who made him understand their eagerness to see him again with an orange ball in hand.

His opponents too, and in particular another of the superstars of the NBA: Lebron James. “We are behind you,” insisted the Los Angeles Lakers player.

John Wall’s journey through the desert seems to have come to an end. Since his NBA debut under the colors of the Washington Wizards, the American has missed quite a few matches. His knee caused him pain on several occasions, but his heel surgery in 2018 was followed by the player falling. This is where he partially tore his Achilles tendon. He then missed the 2019-20 season, the last in the capital, and also did not play the 2021-22 season with the Houston Rockets. He should hold his place on the court with the other Los Angeles team, the Clippers.

Suicidal thoughts? Get help.

You feel suicidal thoughtsor are you worried about a loved one? Talk it over and get help24/7.

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