Basketball. Ifs, it gets stronger and stronger …

Julie Plouhinec and the Ifoises tackle the derby against Alençon.
Julie Plouhinec and the Ifoises continue to win everything, since their loss against Sceaux on the second day. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Too bad we can’t speed up time, because we are longing to be on December 11, 2021! It is only on that day, at the end of the first leg of the Women’s National 1, that Ifs will face Le Havre, the virtual leader of the ranking. If the Ifoises are officially first, the Havraises post better results than they with their eight victories without the slightest defeat. They just have one game less.

A rise in power

Ifs has committed a single misstep this season, from the second day of the championship against Sceaux. Since then, the players of Morgan Debrosse continue with a consistency in the progression which lets hope for the best. Escaudain, yet third when he presented himself at the Alice Milliat gymnasium on Saturday, November 20, 2021, paid the price in large widths (75-49).

If the score is heavy, it owes it especially at the end of the Norman match. But Ifs had a full match against the Northerners, deprived of two players and arrived slightly late. “We were full, we were full and we had lots of energy, smiles Julie Plouhinec. It was demonstrated for 40 minutes. « 

A match sometimes closer than it seems

Well into the match, the Ifoises took a long time to come off. Escaudain did not give up and the score was parity in the second quarter. The good end of half-time, however, allowed the Greens to take a seven-point lead at the break and then ride this wave.

We have a great second half. Defensively, we don’t let anything go. In attack, we have fun, we run. In the end, they are knocked out and we still have energy to spare. We give them a sparkle.

Julie plouhinecCaptain of CB Ifs

Ifs continues to rely on its “hyper united” collective and its physical qualities to serve as a steamroller. Place now for the Coupe de France, Thursday, November 25, 2021 against the reserve of Le Havre (N2), before returning to Furdenheim on December 4, 2021 in the league.

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