Basketball – France loses in the EuroBasket final against Spain (76-88)

France – Spain: it was the EuroBasket final. We will have seen a match generally dominated by the Spanish team, carried by the Hernangomez brothers and their 31 points. We believed in the tricolor comeback during the 3e QT, but the Blues didn’t last long… They still left with a nice silver medal.

The Blues largely dominated…

Vincent Collet’s players did very poorly in this match. They stumbled against a big Spanish defense, very aggressive. They lost a lot of balls… But also a lot of fouls (4 in 3min30). Spain was clinical in shooting, especially in free throws (with 100% success). On the tricolor side, nothing came in at 3 points: only 1 successful shot out of 7. The French were below in all sectors of the game, and were behind by -9 at the end of the 1er QT (23-14).

The tricolor alarm clock at the end of 2e QT!

Nothing has changed in the first part of 2e quarter time. The Blues were still in trouble, they were walked on under the basket (in intensity, on the rebound) and they seem totally lost in the offensive phase. There is little space and little movement, therefore little combination, and forced passes/forced shots which do not succeed.

Spain, carried by absolutely hot Hernangomez brothers, took a very large lead over the Blues, led by 15 points or more during the vast majority of this 2e deed. With a 6/8 at 3 points, the Spaniards even rose to +21.

Fortunately, the entries of Heurtel and Tarpey (very important on the rebound) in the last minutes did good to France… Moment which coincides with the rise in power of Evan Fournier. The Blues inflicted a 9-0 on their evening opponents and came back to 10 points (37-47). Watch out for the tricolor alarm clock!

Back from the thundering locker room, then a little moment of hesitation

With an in-form Yabusele returning from the locker room, the Blues inflicted a 9-2 on the Spaniards and returned to a possession of Spain. They went from a -21 to a -3: a French comeback. Nevertheless, Collet’s players went back to their original flaws and lost too many balls, restoring confidence to the Spaniards. The latter regained success and widened the gap: 57-66.

The Spanish victory and the domination of the Hernandez brothers!

How hard it was for France defensively, who suffered from the precision of the Hernangomez brothers throughout the game. In addition to the performances of Lorenzo Brown and Jaime Fernandez. Evan Fournier tried to start the revolt (with his 23 points), but the teammates of the New York Knicks player never managed to reduce this gap by about 10 points.

88-76: the referee whistles the end of the match. The Blues will not win the coronation, but still made a great run in this EuroBasket.

There was the Gasol siblings for 15 years in the Spanish selection. There is now the Hernangomez siblings, who carried their team to this final. The MVP is Juancho: 27 points – 5 rebounds – 1 assist, and 81% shooting success (2/2 to 2 pts and 7/9 to 3). His brother, Willy, meanwhile earned the title of MVP of the tournament. A great evening for the Hernangomez!

The disappointment of this final is Rudy Gobert (yet present in the 5th major of the tournament), who was not as impactful as usual. France needed a big Rudy to win the final. Fournier was level, but the former Jazz pivot was a little below. That’s a shame !

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