Basketball. Former NBA player Kevin Séraphin wants to come out of retirement and return to the courts

Appointment was first set for Tuesday afternoon for the recording of the Crossover podcast. Kevin Séraphin (31) preferred shifted to the morning. Reason given: the former pivot of the Knicks wanted to train. We quickly understood why …

“I hope I can come back to a basketball court. «  Just a year after announcing his retirement from sports, the player trained in Cholet could well reconsider his decision. In the podcast to be released this Wednesday, the French international spoke of this return to competition himself. « I’ll leave the door open after we’ll see depending on the circumstances. I should be offered a good sports project. « 

During his last experience in Barcelona in 2019, the Guyanese pivot had to resign himself and hang up the sneakers, the fault of knees that had become too painful and worn out by the weight of time. “Today, my knees are much better, ensures the 17th pick of the 2010 draft. I just have to finish getting back in shape. «  For the record, Kévin Séraphin is 437 matches in the NBA and 46 selections for the French team.

« I can still play at any level »

So what about a comeback at the start of the next school year?  » Why not « , loose the person visibly very motivated at the idea of ​​pushing back the prosecution, he who had remained on a mixed experience with Barcelona, ​​especially because of many disagreements with Svestislav Pesic, his coach at the time. A taste of unfinished business then. “I don’t want to end my career like this, on a bad note. Today, I am honest with myself. When I suck, I know it. But here I am convinced that I can still play at any level and be productive ”.

At almost 32 years old, Kevin Séraphin has obviously not said his last word.

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