Bartolo Colon officially retired


It’s done: Bartolo Colon has announced his retirement.

After years of refusing to announce it, the gunner has finally made the inevitable official. It was expected, made there.

The pitcher, who notably played for the Expos, has always dreamed of returning to play for the Mets, the team with which he had his best moments.

But we agree that the Mets had no advantage in doing that.

Instead, the 50-year-old pitcher will be honored by the Mets before one of their games. He will therefore be able to take advantage of the crowd which has often applauded him during his career.

It will be August 26, for those interested.

I imagine this crowd favorite will get an outsized cheer from fans. And when we talk about his circuit, it will be even worse.

It will be a good time for everyone.


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