Barkley trashes LeBron’s agent: « Someone get hacks! » « 

Former NBA star Charles Barkley sent a big tackle at LeBron James' agent Rich Paul

Rocky Widner / Brian Rothmuller

More and more influential in the league, Rich Paul is more than ever the buzz in recent days for his practices considered toxic. The Ben Simmons case, in which he plays an XXL role, notably pushed Charles Barkley to a huge rant concerning him.

Already in the air since the start of the 76ers offseason, the trade of Ben simmons has nevertheless experienced many twists and turns in recent days. First, the leader let his managers know that he no longer wanted to play for the franchise, and that he wanted to join California. Then other information suggested that he was open to the idea of ​​being traded in another team, much less flashy.

A spectator of all this confusion, Charles Barkley seems to appreciate it only moderately. And that’s an understatement. During his recent appearance in The Mike Missanelli Show, the legendary interior of the franchise has at first blasted the attitude of the Australian. Then, it was in the direction of Rich Paul and the firm Klutch Sports, which represents Big Ben, that he sent a scathing attack.

I don’t believe in the fact that they’re willing to let it go anywhere. We all know how this agency works. They try to trade their players where they want to. The Lakers rookies got better offers from Boston and, it seems to me, New York. But (Rich Paul and his associates) are like, « No, he’s either going to go to LA and play with LeBron, or he just won’t play. » « 

Chuck is not the first to address this kind of reproach to LeBron James’ protégé. Its influence on the NBA market has been debated for months, and earns him strong attacks. Barkley has therefore only joined this discourse, and still hopes to see this « dictatorship » end soon.

They just brutalized the league. At some point a team has to revolt and say, “Wait a sec, I paid your guy. You cannot force me to transfer it and collect a ch * er consideration. So hopefully someone in the Sixers franchise is having some trouble.

For now, speaking is rare in the front office of Philly. Elder of the house, Sir Charles could however make a few phone calls, and make his wish come true.

Quite annoyed by the soap opera Ben Simmons, Charles Barkley took the opportunity to spit his venom on Rich Paul and his group Klutch Sports. Very discreet from the start, the star agent could quickly answer him.

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