Barely back, Luka Doncic lets go of a madness in the middle of the match!

A few weeks after the elimination of the Mavericks in the playoffs, Luka Doncic has already made his return to the courts, in the jersey of Slovenia. The opportunity for the player to show off his talent, with a pass that is already making the rounds on social networks. No doubt, basketball is doing better with Luka.

For Mavericks supporters, no need to wait very long to find Luka Doncic on a basketball court. This Saturday evening, the Slovenian was on a field, in the jersey of his national team. He faced more precisely Italy in an exhibition match, and therefore without stake. The perfect time to have a little fun and put on a show. With his crazy pass, we think Doncic got the message:

Luka Doncic is already having fun on a parquet floor!

For the past few weeks, Doncic has been busy, as he multiplies his training to keep in shape, all for one purpose: to lead Dallas to the title. He can in any case have a smile with this victory over Italy, with the score of 91-70. Luka did not spend much time on the floor 23 minutes, for 12 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal.

It’s unclear if he watched the game on his own, but Mavs owner Mark Cuban was pretty happy on his twitter account:

Nothing better than a good warm-up and a victory

Luka Doncic barely back, the Slovenian did not take long to regain victory, but above all to put on a show for his team. It is always impressive to see the player on the floor, and as much to say that we can’t wait to find him in the NBA, for next October.

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