Barely arrived, Victor Wembanyama already flirted in the middle of the match! (Photo)

If his success with the NBA scouts is no longer to be verified – and even less following his last two games, Victor Wembanyama has so far remained unclear about who he meets with the female sex. It seems that his charm works on young Americans!

Filled for its first outing on an American floor on Tuesday, the stands of the Dollar Loan Center were much less so this Thursday, at a much more fanciful schedule. Scheduled for noon local time this Thursday, the second friendly between the Metropolitans 92 and the G-League Ignite drew fewer spectators than the previous one. This did not prevent the attraction of this part from shining there.

Victor Wembanyama already courted in the United States

Already author of a huge performance two days earlier, Victor Wembanyama has again delighted observers in recent hours with an impressive new recital. What to put the public of Las Vegas in the pocket, including the spectators present a few meters from the ground. One of them also tried to attract the attention of the young tricolor interior with a brilliant sign:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so here I am trying mine: Prom?

Looking for a date for her high school’s famous prom, this young woman decided to try her luck with Wembz. All this with a nice reference to basketball jargon, just to score points in the heart of your target.

Focused on the Betclic ÉLITE season, and already quite busy with the Boulogne-Levallois calendar, Wembanyama will unfortunately probably not have time to honor this invitation. Gentleman, however, he made up for it by taking the time to come and share a moment with this admirer and her family, visibly very amused by his sign!

The Wemba-mania is intensifying day by day across the Atlantic, as evidenced by this cheeky request from a young high school student in the direction of the French prodigy. No offense to him, however, his prom should not see a 2m24 alien land!

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