Barely arrived, a player unleashes a shattering blast on Zion Williamson!


While Zion Williamson’s future with the Pelicans is already under some pressure, one player new to New Orleans has been cash in on the situation. This is how to be loved by fans of the Bayou entry!

Will this season be the last for Zion Williamson in New Orleans? For some, the question is premature. For others, on the other hand, including several American journalists, it is quite legitimate. Last spring, already, a wind of frustration had blown from the colossus and his camp, frustrated to see the 2nd NBA campaign of the former Dukie end prematurely and with a lot of defeats in the bag.

Stan Van Gundy has been fired, the roster has evolved (although very insufficiently compared to what was hoped for), and GM David Griffin knows it: in the event of another fiasco this season, a scenario « à la Anthony Davis » could very well repeat itself in Louisiana. In short, the pressure is very high on the franchise.

To work calmly, however, nothing better than blocking rumors. Newly arrived at NOLA in the sign-and-trade of Lonzo Ball, Tomas Satoransky was cash at the microphone of a Czech newspaper. Its message is simple: « move on, there is nothing to see ».

Rumors of Zion leaving? I have the impression that some American media want to break up teams and create stories to make things happen.

« So-and-so is unhappy, so-and-so wants to leave … » Most of the time, the truth is elsewhere, or even halfway. It’s totally wrong that Zion is unhappy at the dawn of this 3rd season and that he would like to have better players around him. I am convinced of that.

The plea is solid, but it still needs to be subjected to the harsh reality of the current NBA. In an age where winning is necessarily a mix of good players, who can imagine Zion Williamson being happy with the Pelicans’ offseason? Who can imagine not wanting to play with players of a completely different caliber? This is, moreover, what had transpired during the little pressure of spring.

The North Carolina native is a professional, and there’s no doubt he’ll be saying and doing the right things all season long. But if things should turn out badly, and the Pels to vegetate in the far West, the situation could quickly change… Zion is a winner, who hates defeat, and he will not stand it for 10 years. A good hearer.

No offense to the cash and incisive denial of Tomas Satoransky, Zion Williamson did not see the arrival in the NBA that he wanted. It is now up to the entire Pelicans franchise, from top to bottom, to turn the tide to give them a taste of the joys of the playoffs!


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