Barcelona: victim of a theft, Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel chases the criminals on an electric scooter

The Mossos d’Esquadra are actively looking for those who stole a backpack from the German pilot.

Racing in a Formula 1 on Sunday and in an electric scooter on Monday, this is the funny misadventure faced by the Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel and what does El Periodico. This Monday morning, while he was strolling with his family in the streets of Barcelona at the wheel of an Aston Martin, the brand of his team, he decided to stop at a hotel in the city center. It was when getting out of the vehicle that thieves took the opportunity to steal his backpack which was inside the car.

Electric scooter chase

The German pilot sees the criminals fleeing and decides to take a electric scooter to chase them. Using his iPhone, he can follow their escape live thanks to the geolocatable AirPods that are in the bag. Finally, the quadruple world champion finds his AirPods in a flowerpot in a mall. The thieves surely abandoned them when they realized they were betraying their position.

Sebastian Vettel, who finished 11th in the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, informed the Mossos d’Esquadra of the theft of his bag which contained several personal documents. The font is always on the lookout for criminals.

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