Barcelona, ​​the problems start again

Between salary arrears to pay and salary cap to respect, FC Barcelona finds itself once again faced with administrative problems.

FC Barcelona’s summer transfer window is particularly active. The Catalan club has offered itself the luxury of recruiting Robert Lewandowski, but has also been able to attract other quality elements such as Jules Koundé, Raphinha, Franck Kessié or Andreas Christensen. However, the wage constraints put in place by La Liga are once again a problem for Barcelona president Joan Laporta. And that’s not the only concern.

Like last season, and despite the various financial reinforcements that Barça can now take advantage of (new sponsor, sale of part of its TV rights), the salary cap instituted by the Spanish Football League is a thorn that remains very present in the foot of the club. Thus, all the players mentioned above are still not registered on the official La Liga lists. In other words, to date, Robert Lewandowski et al are not allowed to play for Barcelona in the league.

This very dear Pique

A week before the resumption, the negotiations will therefore be going well between the Blaugrana management and the boss of La Liga, Javier Tebas. And a boredom never goes alone, FC Barcelona is also indebted for a huge sum to one of its players. As revealed several weeks ago, Gérard Pique is still waiting for the back wages his club owes him. And this amount is not the least since it is now valued at around fifty-two million euros.

Not good news for the finances of a club which, less than a year ago, seemed on the verge of breaking up, this having notably pushed it not to extend Lionel Messi’s contract. Optimism nevertheless remains de rigueur at the top of the Barcelona entity, which assured a few days ago that everything would be settled in due time. Time, however, is running out.

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