Barça traumatized and sent Edinson Cavani to therapy… –

In an interview for Revelo, Edinson Cavani returned to the importance of psychological support for footballers. The latter admitted that he himself had been undergoing therapy since…

“I have been in therapy for many years. (…) You are not a superhero, the one who can manage everything, help the family, score every Sunday… But sometimes we don’t listen to each other. Why is this happening to me? For this there are professionals. (…) Considering the importance of the mental and emotional aspect in football, it is striking that there is still a prejudice against going to the psychologist,” said Cavani.

A click that occurred in 2017 after the comeback suffered by PSG against Barça (6-1): “The first time I went there was after Barça’s return match against PSG. (…) I felt dizzy when I fell asleep and I was already afraid to fall asleep… I asked myself: ‘Do I have a problem in my head?’. I went to see the PSG doctor, whom I adore, and he said to me: ‘what happens to you, happens to a lot of people in different fields’. I realized that I was not a superhero. »

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