Barca raise their salary cap to 656m, although LaLiga consider it ‘impossible’ for them to keep it.

PARIS, 9 Sep. (Benin News) –

Real Madrid remains the LaLiga Santander team that can spend the most on wages, up to a maximum of 683.4 million euros, this 2022-23 season, ahead of FC Barcelona, ​​which has seen a big recovery from to last season – thanks to “levers” and regularizations – and whose sportsmanship cost limit (LCPD) amounts to 656.4 million, and Atlético, third in the standings with 341 million.

According to data published by the employers’ association, LaLiga Santander clubs will be able to spend a total of 3,052 million euros this season, an increase of 34% compared to last season – 774.8 million euros. more. In addition, the competition has increased its volume of activity during this summer transfer window -513 million purchases and 463 million sales-, compared to the last two summer windows, although still below the last season before COVID.

When it comes to LaLiga Smartbank and the LCPD of its clubs and SAD’s, Granada leads the ‘ranking’ with 29 million, followed by Leganés (19.5), with a total in the competition of 210 million, 33 million less than last season, a decrease of 14%.

Notably, FC Barcelona started with 27 million in the negative in May, but sales of assets worth ‘700 million’ allowed them to recoup that figure exponentially, increasing their wage bill to 656.4. million, after having revenues of 683.8 million this summer.

After the presentation of the results and responding to the media, the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, addressed the improvement of this LCDP in the azulgrana game, insisting that in his case he actually occupied these 656 million limit. “He must reduce the payroll, next year there will be no levers and he will have to reduce to what corresponds to him, around 400 million. It is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the current limit next year,” he said.

Tebas stressed that « there was no leeway » with the club chaired by Joan Laporta, adding that « they submitted to the rules ». “The club even had to put in place a guarantee from its president and treasurer, there was nothing out of the ordinary,” he said.

“FC Barcelona has not been in danger of bankruptcy, it has a high wage bill, but it has enough assets. If he doesn’t control the wage bill, he risks bankruptcy in the future, » he explained of a future situation for Barca, who Tebas says won’t achieve more ‘levers’. , but « will go towards reducing the wage bill », although these are « club decisions ».

On the side of LaLiga, the general manager of the company, Javier Gómez, went into detail on this affair and made a point of specifying that, as shown by the accounts of the club, accessible « in seven clicks on their page », their debt amounted to 875 million euros at June 30. « I heard 1,300, the president of PSG said 1,800 and tomorrow they will say 2,500, » he quipped.

“There is no need to go into the question of whether to punish (Barca) or not. She sold 700 million assets, she got herself in order. We are coming out of a pandemic in which clubs lost money. As long as economic control is curbed, there is no worry, there is occupation. There are no worries for the future of Spanish football,” commented Tebas.

While the employers’ association have pointed out that the defending LaLiga champions Santander have an « abundant wage bill » – despite a reduction of more than 40 million compared to last season – Tebas wished that the summer of FC Barcelona is ‘unique’, as he hopes ‘it won’t happen again’, and that they can reduce their wage bill. In addition, he did not want to interpret the situation of Antonine Griezmann, loaned to Atlético by Barça, and the controversy over his return to the Catalan club if he does not fulfill a series of sporting requirements in his contract. .

“We do not interpret the clauses of the contracts, the parties have submitted to an arbitration tribunal and it is this tribunal which decides. These are questions about the club and the player, I cannot give my opinion, we have to respect the contracts, ”he said, before confirming that the cost of the future signing at the end of the loan does not has not been included in this fiscal year.


Javier Tebas devoted a large part of his speeches to the Premiership model, supported by “patron clubs”. “It is backed by multi-million dollar shareholder contributions, very similar to what happens with ‘Club States’. This is not the model that is followed in Spain, Germany and, in the future, at UEFA,” he argued.

“We have done a thorough study of the Premier League and we have to correct what is happening, it is inflating the market, it is going towards an unsustainable market,” he added, referring to a study produced by the association. management that the Premier League exceeds the net result of LaLiga Santander by more than a billion (250) in the period from 16-17 to 20-21.

The manager thus criticized the “checkbook” model of current English football. “They have 20 times more negative balance than the Bundesliga and LaLiga. There are a lot of checkbooks and a lot of club owners contributing year after year,” he said.

“Nobody disputes that the turnover of the Premier League is almost twice ours. But she bought more than 2 billion. This can only be possible with the shareholders’ check book. They are different models. The Spanish model protects the big clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​if we open the tap to the big groups or the sheikhs, they are the ones who would be the most harmed,” he explained.

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