Barça: Matheus Fernandes turns on the management

Recruited for 7 million euros, in the winter of 2020, Matheus Fernandes (23) was « released » by FC Barcelona one year from the end of his contract. A unilateral rupture that does not understand the Brazilian midfielder, raised against the leaders of the Catalan club.

« When I arrived there, they did not treat me like a sportsman, railed the South American, expelled by email, in the columns of Globo Esporte. I was not aware and I I did not believe it at the time. I was at home, I received a message from the club staff asking me if I had the same email address, which I confirmed, then I received it . I didn’t understand, I sent it to my manager and my lawyer. They said it was my dismissal. I said, « Ah, they lied if they did that ». Some time passed. No conversation, nothing, they didn’t even call me to talk to me or say goodbye. « 

“I don’t know what the management did, what happened in Barcelona. I don’t know, it’s taking a very strange turn. They fired one guy by phone, then another by email. doesn’t cost anything to call to talk. That’s how we don’t count on you. In any job, we can tell you we don’t count on you. It’s not a call or an email and that’s it. I think it’s very unprofessional. They didn’t say anything to me. They just said goodbye. It was ugly from the club,  » added Fernandes, who intends to file a complaint.

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