BAR at Nvidia, SAM for AMD, how to take advantage of it?

This is the new functionality provided by the new generation of graphics cards, total access to the video memory of the graphics card.

Photos Credit: AMD / Nvidia

In a conventional graphics card, the processor accesses data in blocks of 256 MB. In addition, the actions are not simultaneous, but are performed one after the other. It is time wasted in resources that could be put elsewhere. With SAM and BAR, the processor has access to all of the video card’s memory, while transfers are now carried out simultaneously. The processor therefore no longer has to wait for the transfer before accessing it, and additionally dispenses with the 256 MB blocks to access textures, for example, but can handle the file in its entirety.

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This technology allows AMD to gain between 3 and 14% performance depending on the game. However, with its generalization, it should be better exploited and taken into account.

How to take advantage of it?

On Nvidia, the BAR will only be available on the RTX 3000. The 3060 should be the first to benefit from it in April. Regarding the other graphics cards of the 3000 range, it will be necessary to update the motherboard for those using a recent generation Ryzen according to Nvidia. Good news, this includes the B450 and X470 motherboards, so hopefully the Ryzen 2000 released in 2018 will be taken into account as well. Intel processors also support this technology, but nothing has been specified whether the previous generation was capable of it. Nvidia has, however, promised a partnership with the main manufacturers of motherboards to ensure compatibility.

Regarding the SAM, AMD pays its rivalry with Intel since this technology is only compatible between the RX 6000 and its Ryzen 5000 processors. No update planned for the Ryzen 3000, only the new full AMD configurations will benefit from it .

With prices that have soared on the side of AMD, to the point of supplanting those of Nvidia which offers much better support for its products, players may wait a while before being able to experience SAM.

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