Ballet sculpt, Kalon barre, Sh’bam… Is it sport or dance?


No need to choose between gym and entrechats, Pilates and modern jazz, new practices mix disciplines.

The ballet sculpt, classical dance in a fun version

The creator of this concept, Hélène Renard, discovered disciplines abroad that merge fitness and classical dance. “I was won over by the idea of ​​democratizing the latter by taking it out of its traditional framework and breaking its inaccessible and demanding image,” she says. Result: the sequences of movements – muscle strengthening, cardio, flexibility, balance… – take place in an extremely benevolent atmosphere and a rather fun atmosphere thanks to the choice of music and choreography, and the pedagogy of the teachers.

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In video: the hip-hop dance of Stella and Estere, Madonna’s twins

Kalon barre, a ballerina body

If you are more into classical dance and, in particular, already a fan of floor barre, this discipline – a mix of fitness, Pilates and dance – is for you. In these classes given by professionals from the most famous Parisian cabarets, the body is worked from head to toe with accessories: Swiss Ball, elastic, light weights… The method consists of small movements, repetitions, in order to obtain long, lean muscles, and a permanently sculpted body.

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Reggaeton fitness, in all sensuality

Coming from the Caribbean, this extremely festive dance offers very caliente choreographies. Do you like Latin rhythms and hip-hop? You love to jiggle on Despacito, by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee? You will enjoy ! The course begins with a danced warm-up and continues with blocks of choreography accessible to all. Once the sequences are linked, the intensity rises, coordination improves and we sway in a sensual and rhythmic way. A trip to Puerto Rico or Cuba without flying.

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New sports practices that combine dance and gym. photo press

Sh’bam, the new Zumba

It’s a real stress relief practiced on ultra-dynamic and varied music (electro, hip-hop, rock, reggae, Latin…). Everyone can participate in these simple and easy to remember choreographies. We just ask you to let your body express itself! And, for 45 minutes, we dance in a supercharged atmosphere. Result: we eliminate calories, stress, we tone our muscles and we refine, in joy and good humor.

To be found in Fitness Parks and Cercles de la forme.

In video: Victoria Beckham and her son Romeo dance in rhythm to a Spice Girls hit

Salsa fusion, a nice wiggle

This is a salsa class mixing energies inspired by musical universes such as Afro, hip-hop or even, quite simply, pop. We start with classical dance warm-ups before learning the basic salsa steps. Once these have been mastered, let’s go for sensual and rhythmic choreographies, which will make you discover moves that you would not even have suspected.

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