Bale pleads for the exclusion of certain teams

A few days after England was the victim of racist insults in Hungary, Gareth Bale wants to see the authorities strike hard. The Wales captain is calling for teams whose supporters are incriminated to possibly be excluded from competitions.

Acts of racism are increasing in the stands of stadiums and the latest example has struck the spirits. In England’s 4-0 victory in Hungary on Thursday in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Raheem Sterling was the victim of monkey cries and goblet throwing at the time of his goal. Several other English players have also been targeted by Hungarian supporters.

Gareth Bale, captain of Wales, wants radical actions against the perpetrators of these acts … even if this penalizes the teams: « The simplest thing is to ban stadium supporters and s ‘they keep doing this over and over again, which seems to be the case, so you banish the country from the competition. That might be the best thing to do: get rid of them, give them a suspension and j ‘hope they learn their lesson this way. « 

Bale questions the usefulness of surveys

A few hours after the events in Hungary, FIFA launched an investigation in order to take the most effective measures possible. In a statement, the governing body of world football said: « FIFA wishes to affirm that its position remains firm and resolute in rejecting all forms of racism and violence, as well as all other forms of discrimination or abuse. We have a very clear position of zero tolerance against such heinous behavior in football. « 

The Real Madrid striker finds these investigations too long and questions their usefulness, given the fact that these events recur frequently: « I do not know why they launch these investigations which take so long. It is clear like rock water. I really don’t understand why there has to be such a big investigation. Clearly this has happened. « 

In the meantime, Gareth Bale will be on the pitch on Sunday at 3 p.m. in Belarus, then three days later at 8:45 p.m. against Estonia in the qualifiers for the next World Cup.

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