[BALADO] The Pay Zone: It’s Thanksgiving in the NFL

In the United States, it’s festive week with the traditional Thanksgiving. The menu is loaded, both at the table and when it comes to football. Some, like the Patriots, are successful and are likely to savor the moment. Others, like ex-Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, will find the turkey indigestible. Not easy, life in the NFL, even in the middle of the week of the festivities.

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Garrett, who had made a name for himself during his long tenure at the helm of the Cowboys, has just been shown the door in his second season as the Giants’ offensive coordinator. He is so far the first coach to be sacked this season. Is he a simple scapegoat paying the price for the dire situation at the Giants or has he earned his fate? Our analysts give their answers.

Meanwhile, life is much better with the Patriots, who have won five in a row. Now they’ve taken over the lead of the AFC East Division from the Bills, which seemed unthinkable just a month ago. They have to be taken seriously, but to what extent?

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Many are already seeing Bill Belichick shaping version 2.0 of his empire to propel him to the Super Bowl next February. The paying zone speaks out on the odds of the Patriot Way making its way to Los Angeles on February 13th.

Several leading teams are in trouble. In some cases it is just a bad week, while in other cases there may be cause for concern. Now is the time to take a stand on the troubles that are eating away at some suitors.

New this week, The paying zone also answers listeners’ questions submitted by social networks. More and more of you are interacting and we thank you.

Finally, the game of predictions continues with an analysis of the matches of week 12, while the section “At the Bar!” still hits so hard. Good listening!

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