Baker Mayfield on the Browns: ‘I’m going to smash them’

Baker Mayfield watched the Browns sign Deshaun Watson, keep him sidelined for an eternity, before finally dropping him to the Panthers on July 6.

Since then, the former number 1 of the Draft has won the starting position in Carolina. Next step, the first game of the regular season, against… the Browns.

After the final prep game, Cynthia Frelund (NFL Network) bumped into Mayfield and wished him luck in his matchup with his former team. The player was then not asked to answer.

« I went up to him and said, ‘Go kick some ass, especially in the first week,' » Frelund said. “And he used swear words. I said, “I just hope you’re ready. And he said, « I’m going to smash them. » »

Specifically, for English speakers, Mayfield used the phrase « fuck them up. » »

Frelund made a point of specifying since on Twitter that it was about a private exchange on the tone of the joke.

Still, Mayfield had already explained in April, even before being traded, that he had felt a lack of respect for him from Cleveland.

« I think I’m being disrespected. 100%. Because I was told one thing, and they did the opposite. »

The reunion will be hot on September 11.

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