Badminton, a sport open to all with Bad à Flo

Badminton, contrary to what some think, is not just a game, although fun, it is a real indoor sport. It is a racket sport enjoyed by beginners and competitors alike. The slow motion of the steering wheel gives budding athletes time to get on the ground. At a higher level, badminton becomes very demanding, in terms of tactics, speed of play, precision, endurance. But within the Bad à Flo club, it is also and above all the pleasure of playing together, the conviviality for all those who want to practice a sporting activity, playful but intensive, in leisure or in competition.

And, here we go again for a great 2022-2023 season. With more than 80 members, the Florensac badminton sports club is off to a strong start with the 5th BAF Grand Tour which will take place Saturday October 8in duplicate, and Sunday October 9, mixed, at the sports hall, avenue de la Gardie. Registrations are still possible until October 5 by email: or with Stéphane on 06 87 44 72 80.

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